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...I was impressed with the job that Toby, Jason, and their crew did re-roofing a house I own...

Their workmanship was professional, followed by a very thorough clean-up.

Thanks for a job well done.

Bruce Shaw

Buhr Construction, Inc. offers top quality materials and workmanship combined with the personal attention you deserve. We have been proudly serving this area for over 10 years. We employ trained professional installers that offer quality, timely work. We purchase the finest quality materials locally from Van's Lumber in Dyckesville, Wisconsin. We are fully insured and are members of both the Brown County Home Builders Association and the Door County Home Builders Association.

Buhr Construction, Inc. handles residential home, condos, apartments, and industrial projects. We specialize in new roofs, re-roofs, repairs/tear-offs, wood shingles/cedar shakes, metal/rubber/flat roofs and windows/siding.